Pre Operation Investigations

Knee Replacement surgery is a major surgical procedure and  need to be prepared and following pre-operative investigations are required to be performed to ensure smooth operation and fast recovery.  Knee Replacement Surgery is an elective procedure and not an emergency, you must be in the best possible health condition for your knee operation.

Preparation and investigations for the surgery is done to meet the following  3 surgical conditions.

1.     Fitness to have an anesthetic

2.     Detect hidden sources of infection in the body

3.     To help the surgeon in the technical planning for the operation

Fitness to have anesthetic
* Complete hemogram,
* Blood sugar
* Blood Urea
* Serum Creatinine
* Serum electrolytes.
* Platelet count
* Chest x-ray
* Routine urine examination
* Echo cardio gram - (for patients above 45 years)
To detect hidden infection
Doctor's Opinion
   * Anesthetic opinion
   * Urologist opinion in elderly males
   * Cardiologist opinion in high risk patients
Technical planning
   * Recent weight bearing x-rays AP. Lateral, and Merchant sky line views
   * Standing Full-length standing AP view of both lower limbs
May be required ( Depending on Doctor's Assessment)
   * CT scan
   * 3D reconstruction
   * Special x-rays eg: lateral view, 45 degree flexion PA weight bearing view