Initial Treatment

Arthritis may look simple, but it is not to be ignored in the initial stage itself as: 


However, if proper care is taken with expert guidance of a Doctor, one can minimise or stop the problem from getting serious and the legs getting bend, and even getting de-shaped.

Initial Care/Treatment

  1. Sit on chair instead of sitting your legs crossed, while eating, or at the time of pooja, or any other work.

  2. Keep control of your weight by controlling the diet and  do regular exercise.

  3. Practice "Yoga" or "Pranayam" or any other physical exercise.

  4. Consult an experienced and expert Doctor and follow the medicine and life style recommended by the Doctor on an ongoing basis.

  5. Do not do any exercise or any other work or sports practice which can give the joints extra and sudden pressure.

  6. Use Western style toilets instead of Indian style toilets.

  7. Medicines:
    a). Use medicines under medical supervision which can nourish the joints like  :
         Condrointin Sulphate, Glucosamine, Calcium and Vitamins.

    b).  Can use ointments, if necessary.

  8. Elastic tapes or Knee caps can be used to avoid pain to a certain extent.

  9. Foot wear - Foot wears (Chapals/shoes) with soft cushioned base while walking and a soft cushioned pillow underneath the knee joints while sleeping can also relieve the patient of pain to a certain extent.

  10. Use of walking sticks is also recommended if the pain is severe.

Please do all the preliminary steps as mentioned above, but please be informed of the fact that "Arthritis can never be fully cured" .

If one recognises the problem in the preliminary stage itself, he can stop further damage or can slow down the process of damage to the knees. if all the initial treatment / precautions are taken as mentioned with proper care, the person can live a long and happy life.

However, once the knee joints gets wear and tear beyond the control of initial treatment, and to avoid complications like knee joints displacement, legs getting bend, difficulty while walking etc. the only solution is the "SURGERY OF THE KNEE JOINTS"